Maddy May, Codey Steele experiment with AI technology

Dec 1, 2022

“S.I.” is about a guy named John, played by Codey Steele, who tirelessly works to complete his life’s work - a machine that changes the way we have sex. His boss played by the industry veteran Dick Chibbles pushes him to the limit and his obsession with creating the perfect woman. A female artificial intelligence called Maddy 3.0, portrayed by the beautiful Maddy May, brings his genuine desires to the surface. Not all is what it appears to be, as his invention takes a mind of her own and her true intentions collide with his deepest fantasies.Model Media US is expanding its repertoire of directors and filmmakers, adding a new face to the roster. Max Landers makes his Delphine Debut as writer and director of this week's movie. “As a director, I gravitate towards what hides in the shadows. As humans, we steer clear of that, the unknown. For me, shining a light in those places is the ultimate thrill. And Taking my audience down a hole they’ve never explored is the ultimate rush. Coming from Mainstream, I wanted my adult film debut to blur the lines between fiction and reality. To give viewers a cinematic experience while focusing more on a story-driven narrative. Something we see little in adult films. All while exploring themes of human impulse and obsession. Working with Codey Steele and Maddy was incredible. They knew of my work beforehand and guided me into the adult world very similar to how the characters in the film do. Their chemistry was so organic and full of genuine passion.” — Said Max Landers New director for Delphine Films. Watch the full movie now streaming on the subscription websiteFor trailer and all behind-the-scenes @Delphinesfilms on all platforms


Katie Morgan and David Lee, mix business and pleasure in “Last Day”

Nov 21, 2022

Legendary blonde bombshell, Katie Morgan, is now part of the Delphine Films family starring in a new movie written and directed by in-house director Bloomer Yang. David Lee is playing the role of a factory worker, making this his second leading role for Delphine Films.“Today we are doing a fun scene, with a script and all reminds of big movie studios. I have to seduce my coworker. I like to tease the young ones” — Said Katie Morgan in a teaser interview with the company. Katie and David work late hours in a factory. Katie is an accountant and David is a labor worker. One night, Katie’s computer freezes and she loses all her work due the next day. David tries to make Katie feel better, and he keeps her company all night. They talk about life; they eat and they flirt. He tries to kiss her but knows well that mixing business with pleasure never ends well. She tells him they should stick to a more professional relationship. The next day starts and Katie’s boss, played by Jason Michaels, is enraged that one of them left the door open and they were a victim of a robbery. David tries to take the blame even knowing it wasn’t him, the one who left the door open. Knowing this, Katie thanks him for doing so and David confesses is his last day of work. Now that they are no longer coworkers, Katie and David let themselves go into a night of ecstasy. “Professional, punctual, and wonderful to be around. Working with Katie is like a check off my bucket list. She’s not only an icon in the industry but also one of the few to break the barrier between adult and mainstream movies. We love David Lee. His previous movie with us ‘‘Snoop Around’’ with Kira Noir is one of the highest-viewed movies and getting award buzz. He might be the best Asian male talent out there now”—said, Director Bloomer Yang. Watch the full movie now streaming in subscription websiteFor trailer and all behind the scenes @Delphinesfilms in all platforms


Kimmy Kimm and Will Pounder take the lead in Delphine Films

Nov 15, 2022

Korean star Kimmy Kimm comes back to Delphine Films for a provocative new scene.At almost 1am and everyone is asleep, but Kimmy is just starting her day. Meeting at unusual hours and is not new to her, especially if she is receiving a delivery from Will Pounder. Kimmy stands by in her favorite spot, a bus stop where Will showed up and Kimmy makes her transactions of what they seem to be illegal substances. After some small talk, Kimmy invites to get some food. Starts as an innocent dinner invitation with a hidden meaning. The two engage in a seductive session of outdoor sex that mixes business with the ultimate pleasure.Her first film with the production company “Why cheat on me?” is still one of the most viewed and highest rated movie on their website. Adding to her repertoire a brand new film this Thursday, “Pure Business” with co-star Will Pounder. ”Kimmy Kimm is a star on the rise. She already made a name in the industry and she is just getting started and we are happy to be a part of that journey. We love working with Will. He is one of the greatest examples of a professionalism and great attitude. Couldn’t think of a better combination” - Said Bloomer Yang, in house director of Delphine Films.“Working with Delphine Films is a great experience, and I was happy to be invited back,” Kimmy said. “Their scenes combine story with amazing sex and the crew is wonderful. I really enjoyed working with Will on this sexy scene.”PURE BUSINESS is now available for streaming on the subscription website Delphine FilmsWatch Behind the scenes and trailer on their social media platforms.



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