Feb 14, 2023
A film written and directed by Bloomer Yang “The Mental Patient” starring 2022 AVN performer of the year Gianna Dior and plays opposite multi-award winner Seth Gamble.Gianna Dior plays a woman who was convicted to life for the death of her boyfriend, Michael. Seth Plays a therapist who took over her case. She presents a lot of aggression and tried to escape from prison a few times. They did not consider her safe for herself or others, so she spends most days in a straight jacket. Seth comes by day by day and she doesn’t talk. One day she finally starts showing her personality to Seth and they engage in conversation. She thinks they framed her for the death of her boyfriend even tho the evidence was clear that she committed the murder. On the third day of their conversations, she wants to tell him a secret in exchange she wants him. They both engage in a passionate scene with a crazy twist. “We wanted to work with Gianna for the longest time and we were so glad it finally happen. She is indeed the performer of the year. Extremely humble, professional, as well as a wonderful actress. Seth Gamble is a powerful talent to add to our repertoire. Not only is his performance out of this world but also his directorial experiences have shown this is just the beginning of Seth breaking from performer to director. We would love to have him direct a movie one day.” — Said a company rep. Watch the full movie now streaming on the subscription websiteFor trailer and all behind-the-scenes @Delphinesfilms on all platforms

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